The law firm of Velasquez Dolan aims to provide the highest quality representation and obtaining substantial jury verdicts, judgments or settlements. We are litigation attorneys and trial attorneys and we handle legal cases from the beginning to the end.

The founding partners possess over sixty years of combined legal experience which allows our firm to initiate and complete representation of you and your interests at all stages of the litigation process. Except in rare circumstances, when you retain our law firm, we remain your law firm through settlement, judgment or verdict. The partners collectively have successfully completed hundreds of trials in criminal, civil and administrative settings. The partners’ expansive experience and consistent commitment to providing exceptional service is what sets us apart. We are motivated by compassion and a keen sense of right and wrong.

Our firm is committed to hiring and retaining highly skilled and qualified associates supplemented by experienced and professional personnel to better serve our clients throughout the State of Florida and South America. Our secretarial and administrative staff possess an average of ten years experience with approximately half of those years accumulated while working with the firm’s partners. Our loyalty to our staff, and vice versa, provides stability within our firm and allows us to better serve our clients and obtain desired results. Our firm is fluent in both English and Spanish.


$ 14,500,000 Verdict

Personal Injury

Verdict with punitive damages for a foreign-born ex-smoker who suffered facial disfigurement.

$ 4,000,000 Settlement

Workers' Compensation

During years of representation, litigated and secured permanent total disability, attendant care, and other benefits leading to recent lump sum settlement (OJCC # 99-005008*)(2016)

$ 2,750,000 Verdict

Aviation Litigation

Awarded to parents of a 31 year old single female who perished on board American Airline airplane that crashed against a mountain range near Cali, Colombia. Federal Southern District Court of Florida.

$ 2,550,000 Settlement

Aviation Litigation

Settlement for a 53 year old helicopter pilot who sustained fracture of T-12 shattering of L-1 disc, loss of sensitivity to both legs, partial paraplegia resulting from a helicopter crash, sudden loss of power and fire near Canton-Calorama, Ecuador, South America.

$ 2,350,000 Verdict

Wrongful Death

Awarded to a mother of 36 year old single male who was bicycling at night along U.S.1 and was struck and killed by an 18 wheeler. Miami Dade Circuit Court.

$ 2,340,000 Settlement

Personal Injury

Settlement for a 21 year old college student who sustained amputated thumb, fractured pelvis, fractured wrist, herniation L5 S1 as a result of a boating accident near Miami, Florida during the annual regatta festivities.

$ 2,250,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death

Georgia Hospital/Physician diagnosed a non-emergent cardiological condition, scheduled surgery for 2 weeks later and discharged patient who tragically died at home the next day due to a missed diagnosis involving a life threatening, emergency cardiological condition. VDA co-counseled with Georgia counsel and negotiated a pre-suit settlement for surviving family members.

$ 1,365,000 Verdict

Personal Injury

Awarded to a 32 year old married male who was severely injured by a drunk driver while changing his wife’s flat tire on the side of the road. Recovery was made against the drunk driver, his employer and the restaurant where he had consumed large quantities of alcohol.

$ 1,300,000 Settlement

Workers' Compensation

After years of representation, secured cervical and knee surgeries, Permanent Total Disability, home modifications, etc. for 58 year old client, settlement authority was obtained from employer/insurance carrier. (OJCC#95-011838*) (2012)

$ 1,200,000 Settlement

Workers' Compensation

Trial Judge ordered employer/self insured department store to provide significant medical and lost wage benefits later resulting in receipt of Permanent Total Disability and attendant care benefits and then lump sum settlement desired by 72 year old client. (OJCC#07-009007*) (2012)

$ 925,000 Settlement

Workers' Compensation

59 year old suffering from head trauma was receiving claimed Permanent Total Disability and family member attendant care benefits and subsequently obtained desired lump sum settlement (judicial approval pending: OJCC#08-014250*) (2012)

$ 650,000 Settlement

Personal Injury

Settlement for a 56 year old single woman who sustained a fracture of the right ankle resulting from an automobile accident where defendant failed to yield the right of way.

$ 540,000 Partial Settlement

Wrongful Death

Mother, passenger in SUV, was tragically killed when SUV struck disengaged tractor-trailer tire on highway. Partial settlement obtained from tire repair company which tendered $1,000,000 policy at 2012 mediation. $1,000,000 policy was divided amongst Personal Representative (for surviving children) and two separately represented, injured passengers in SUV rollover. Litigation in process against other parties.

$ 450,000 Settlement

Personal Injury

Unsafe scaffolding caused fall resulting in fractures and eye injury.

$ 350,000 Settlement

Personal Injury

Defendant tendered insurance policy limits to settle lawsuit arising from an auto accident which caused VDA client to suffer bimalleolar (ankle) fractures requiring surgery.

$ 140,000 Verdict

Personal Injury

A Broward County Jury Awarded $140.000.00 to a 45 year old man who slipped and fell on water which had accumulated at a Fridays’ bathroom. The injuries included a torn medial meniscus which necessitated arthroscopy knee surgery.

$ 125,000 Settlement

Personal Injury

Settlement for a 46 year old teacher who sustained injuries to her low back (herniation at L4-5) resulting from a rear-end collision in Broward County, Florida.

*The facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the matters in which past results and testimonials have been provided. All past results of cases handled by the Firm are not provided and not all clients have given testimonials. The past results and testimonials provided are not necessarily representative of past results obtained by the Firm or of the experience of all clients or others with the Firm. Every case is different, and each client’s case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.




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